Meet The Artist

Bio PicDawn is a self-taught pet, wildlife, and human portrait artist and quilter who lives in Henderson, Nevada, a suburb of Las Vegas. Her current mediums are colored pencil, graphite, carbon, charcoal, watercolor, oils, and occasionally calligraphy projects.

Dawn is also a musician, earning her bachelor’s degree in 2000 in music and audio engineering. She is proficient in voice, piano, guitar, music theory, songwriting, and orchestration.

She has been drawing private commissioned portraits for about 5 years. Most often her clients want memorial portraits of pets and family members who have passed away. Her love of wildlife, particularly the big cat family and predator birds are favorites to study when in between commissions.

Quilting became part of her life after receiving a scripture quilt from her church. After the loss of her father in 2010, she joined the quilting ministry to give back to her community. She has created countless scripture lap quilts, and over 25 custom quilts, often hand painting images or written words onto the fabrics to incorporate into her designs.

Dawn is her family’s historian, documenting her family’s life through her passion for photography and home videos, often composing the music for her videos herself. Capturing the essence of human feeling and connection is what she strives to accomplish every day with her work.